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How Much Room is Available
You need to decide where it makes sense to place your tank. You want it to be a beautiful addition to your home and not an eyesore. This decision has two factors to consider. Where can you place your tank that will be a positive change to your home and how big a tank makes sense.

  • Choosing the location – Definitely don’t place the tank in a window as the light to the tank is then not as controllable and the temperature potentially is harder to keep constant. If you place your tank on any floor other than your home’s basement, you must consider how much the tank weighs and can the floor handle that load.
  • Picking the tank size – choosing the tank size is based on room, cost to buy, cost to maintain and how much effort you want and can devote to maintaining. Also the size ties into the location as obviously a large tank will need to be close to a load bearing wall, in the basement or somehow supported. For example a 220 gallon tank weights approximately (Tank, Water, Rocks, Sand, Stand).
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