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Introducing your tank’s kidneys

If you don’t want your tank to get overgrown with algae and toxic from too much phosphate and nitrate accumulation, you really need to consider setting up a sump.

Flavors to consider

There are a couple of main types of sumps to consider depending on your tank type, inhabitants and maintenance habits.

Mechanical Filtration

Water in your tank flows into your sump. The detritus that is suspended in your water column gets trapped in disposable or washable material. This material is often filter floss, a felt sock or a polyester filter pad. These filter media trap suspended particulates.It is important to replace this media frequently so the particulates don’t sit in the media too long. If you don’t make that change often enough the waste can return to your tank as nitrates.


Along with the benefits of mechanical filtration, a refugium will allow the hobbyist a more natural method to clean their tank and also host various zooplankton which will consume waste and also find their way back through the return system into your tank where they are great for feed and further tank cleaning. Typically folks add some marine plants(such as CHAETO chaetomorpha MACRO ALGAE refugium saltwater REEF) and cultivate copepods Poseidon’s Feast :: Live Marine Copepods – 3000+ Tisbe & Tigriopus Pods – 16oz and amphipods Marc Weiss Reef Bugs – Aquarium Coral Food.

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