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Typing About Types

Before you start buying gear, you really need to figure out what your goals are:

  • Do you want a fish only tank (usually the easiest)
  • Do you want a corals only tank (the toughest)
  • Do you want a mixed tank of corals and fish

Fish Only Tanks

You buy the tank, stand, light(s), heater(s), pump(s), some salt, mix and slowly add fish (the tank has to cycle – the fish poop is toxic and must be dealt with).

Corals Only Tank

You get everything you bought for a fish only tank, add test kits for at least Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Phosphate, Calcium and Ph. Add coral very slowly and have one or two fish to make poop (yup, you need poop in the tank for the corals to feed on). This tank is very neat, but takes the most patience, testing and at the beginning much effort to get going.

A Mixed Tank of Corals and Fish

As you might have guessed, the needs are pretty much the same as the Corals only Tank. The big difference is that you add fish until you’re need the population that you “THINK” you want with the water having completed it’s cycling, and then you add pieces of Coral “SLOWLY” – that’s one or two pieces at a time and after a week or two if their not dead, or even better showing signs of growth, you add a few more pieces.

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