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Size Matters

Cost – obviously the bigger the tank, the more it will cost. Pricing goes up the more exotic attributes you select. Do you want rimless? Do you want Eurobrace? Do you want Star Fire glass. If you do want Star Fire, do you want that on the front only or the sides too?

Weight – A 220 pound Eurbrace tank with front and sides Star Fire and 3/4″ thick glass, with nothing in it weighs 500 pound. Using the formula of a pound of sand per gallon and a pound of live rock per gallon (we will discuss live rock in the advanced setup post), that would be an additional 400 pounds. Now, add to that 8 pounds per gallon for water weight. This adds another 1760 pounds plus 100 pounds for the stand and you’ve got a lot of weight (2760 pounds).

Maintenance Cost – the bigger the tank, the more you spend on water and water changes. Additionally, as you get into the hobby further you may find that you’ll spend money on adding elements (trace elements) which get depleted and the bigger the tank, of course the more you add. I will discuss this more in the advanced setup post which I hope to have out fairly soon.

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